Other Faculty

Adjunct Faculty (Part-Time Lecturers)



Email Office Number
Rami Bashour 

Spring 14:332:464 RF Integrated Circuit Design

rami.bashour@rutgers.edu EE-113
Abraham Borno 

Spring 16:332:510 Optimal Control Systems

aborno@rutgers.edu EE-113
Yinglung Liang 

Spring 16:332:568 Software Engineering Web Applications

yinglung.liang@rutgers.edu EE-113
Richard Frenkiel

Spring 14:332:301 Wireless Revolutions

contact Prof. Mandayam at


Phillip Southard

Fall 14:332:493 Topics: Embedded Systems II: Application Development

Spring 14:332:493 (*16:332:579) Topics: Embedded Systems I

ps899@scarletmail.rutgers.edu EE-113
Shiyu Zhou 

Fall 16:332:503 Programming Finance

contact ECE Grad Program Coordinator ecegradinfo@gmail.com N/A


Professors Emeritus

Name Title Retired
Sigrid McAfee Associate Professor Emeritus 2019
Peter Meer Distinguished Professor Emeritus 2018
Pedda Sannuti Professor Emeritus 2017
Lawrence Rabiner Distinguished Professor Emeritus 2016
Michael Bushnell Professor Emeritus 2013


Research Associates

Name Title Host Research Interest Dates
Dr. Hyungro Lee

Research Associate

Prof. Shantenu Jha High-performance image analysis 10/2018-10/2020


PostDoctoral Associates

Name Title Host Research Interest Dates
Fangwei Ye PostDoctoral Associate Prof. Salim El Rouayheb Machine Learning, coded computing 9/2018-8/2020
Seyed Reza Mahmoodi  PostDoctoral Associate Prof. Mehdi Javanmard Nano-fabrication and microfluidic systems 8/2018-8/2020
Kenza Hamidouche PostDoctoral Associate Prof. Narayan Mandayam & Waheed Bajwa   1/2018-1/2019
Rafael Gregorio Lucas D'Oliveira PostDoctoral Associate Prof. Salim El Rouayheb Privacy of information 1/2018-12/2019
Foroogh Shamsi PostDoctoral Associate Prof. Laleh Najafizadeh Neuroscience, control and biomedical implants 9/2017-6/2020
Jafar Mohammadi PostDoctoral Associate Prof. Anand Sarwate Machine learning and signal processing 7/2017- 10/2018