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RU_ECE_Logo_v1.3.1_200x200.gif We are proud to announce the RU ECE Discord server! With already 1,800+ members, we hope that this server will be a useful resource for all students, undergrad or grad. The intent is for students to easily discuss  and assist each other in our classes but also have a spot to share memes, interact with your fellow ECE peers, ask for advising and resources, etc.

Rutgers IEEE

IEEE's mission statement is simple: Advancing Technology for Humanity. We represent the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and as the Rutgers chapter of this esteemed organization, we are devoted to inspiring and supporting a new generation of engineers and innovators as they use technology to change the world.
Rutgers IEEE is split up into divisions that often collaborate but operate independently. They include Electronics Club, Machine Learning and AI, N2E Coding Club, VEXU Robotics, and Micromouse Robotics. The divisions cover many topics including computer vision, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, neural nets, path planning, and much more. 
Our diverse array of projects and programs are targeting at pushing the limits of technology through student initiative, and as a result, we are making significant headway in establishing the Rutgers community as a hub for creativity and ingenuity

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Michael Wu <>

Student Presidents 2023-2024: Adam D'Souza and Shreya Pandey

General IEEE Meetings: Check RIEEE Discord for meeting times and location



IEEE Divisions

Electronics Club

Introduce and familiarize members with the basics of electronics and circuitry, as well as microcontrollers and computers such as the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Hold instructional workshops to give students a chance to gain hands-on experience with electronic devices at a more practical level than in the classroom. Provides a great way for non-ECE students with an interest in the field to test the waters. Developing basic skills and understanding in electronics will enable members to pursue advanced projects inside and outside of Rutgers IEEE.

Machine Learning and A.I.

The ML/AI team focuses on teaching and implementing the powerful concepts, methods, and tools from the rapidly growing fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. The teaching heavily emphasizes both practical usage and fundamental understanding of ML techniques, covering topics from CS to math and statistics. These skills are strengthened through participation in ML/AI projects, where we code implementations that solve real-world problems.

N2E Coding Club

N2E stands for novice to expert. This division was founded with the help of Professor Kristin Dana, and the goal is to promote interest in coding with different programming languages. The main focus of the club is providing a friendly, non-intimidating space for students to share their knowledge about robotics and promote peer-to-peer learning. N2E provides programming workshops and events for programmers from novice to expert levels! The club members need hands-on experience and one-on-one interaction with peers to learn effectively. The workshops are in Python, C++, and Java, with additional workshops offered each semester based on student and instructor interest. Each language is divided into 1-hour workshops every week taught by 1 or more instructors. 

VEXU Robotics

VEXU is a collegiate level robotics competition designed to pit your university against others in head to head matches. Each year the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation releases a game for which you must design your robot to be the best, whether through intelligent programming, robust build quality, or killer strategy. Rutgers IEEE VEXU allows students of all backgrounds and majors to design, build, program, and strategize together to put Rutgers on the map of international competitive robotics.

Micromouse Robotics

Micromouse is a robotics division focused on developing miniature robotic "mice" to autonomously navigate a maze, with the team that is the fastest to reach the center being declared the winner. There are various different constraints, such as size and budget, that competitors will have to work around to ultimately determine the best approach. There is no prior kit or recommended parts list given by competition organizers, so the contestants are free to utilize whatever hardware they see fit to satisfy the constraints. The club itself will assist members in learning about some basic methods to get started and provide parts for construction. This club is an excellent place to become more familiar with different kinds of small electronic components, such as sensors and microcontrollers, and members will learn how to integrate these components using Arduino software.

Please check RIEEE Discord for meeting times and locations of each division.


We are proud to be the official international honor society for Electrical and Computer Engineers sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. We help prepare students for the real world by hosting a variety of programs, workshops, and events. These include tutoring nights, panels, and community service programs.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Sarwate

Student President 2023-2024:  

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Other Organizations

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