Travel and Expense Reimbursement

Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days of either the incurrence of expenses or the return from travel. Reports with expenses beyond the 60-day limit require a second higher level of approval by an Exception Approver (either memo or email), which must be attached to the report prior to submission.

Booking Travel

Rutgers currently offers two options for faculty, staff, and students to book Rutgers-related travel. Travelers can book travel using the Rutgers Travel Online Booking Tool, or by contacting Direct Travel, the Rutgers-approved travel agency via email or phone.
Please see sections below for information regarding travel approvals and requirements for booking, and contact with any questions.

More information is on

Expense Management App Training 

"Expense Management Course" web-based training is now available on Cornerstone and Canvas website. Please use your NetID and password to login to the Rutgers University Canvas website to access materials for this course. Instructions on how to log in to Canvas are available through the Rutgers Online Help Desk.

International Travel 

Anyone traveling internationally on University-associated matters must register on the Rutgers International Travel Registration Site and inform ECE Department Chair. 

ECE Faculty and Employees

To access travel expense management, you have to login on myRutgers portal (scroll down to find Finance). Click on "Expense Management". Be sure to update "Manage Your Bank Account" to set up Direct Deposit before your first time of creating a travel or expense reimbursement report.

For each expense item on an expense report, please provide Project, Task, and Expenditure Organization to charge the expenses. Upload all required receipts (all receipts must show the last 4 digits of a credit card). An agenda/program must be uploaded for all virtual and in-person conferences. 

Amazon supplies should be bought through the RUMarketplace app as a punch-out supplier. Items must be shipped to your lab at Rutgers. Here's more information.

ECE Students On Rutgers Payroll

1. Students on payroll should watch Expense Management Training.

2. Check if you have access to the Expense Management app on myRutgers portal. If you do not have access, please contact Department Administrator, Arletta Hoscilowicz <>.

3. Students should complete ECE Travel and Expense Approval Form and email it to their faculty adviser to receive approval and Project, Task, and Expenditure Organization that a faculty adviser wants to use to charge the expenses.

4. Amazon supplies should be bought through the RUMarketplace app as a punch-out supplier and not on their personal credit card. Items must be shipped to your adviser's lab at Rutgers. Here's more information.

ECE Students Not On Rutgers Payroll

ECE UG or Grad Students not on Rutgers payroll must complete TABER Form.doc attaching written approval from their faculty adviser including project and task information (ECE Travel and Expense Approval Form) and all required receipts showing the last 4 digits of a credit card. Please email the entire packet to Pamela Heinold ( or Chris Reid (

ECE Capstone Students All purchases need to be placed through the department. Students should place orders using an order form posted on the ECE Apps Capstone Orders Form

Some equipment and devices are available from the ECE to borrow for the duration of the projects. Please check with Mr. Kevin Wine (room EE118; email: for equipment and device availability.

IMPORTANT: We will not be able to reimburse any purchases made by students. Please make sure to get all parts through the department.


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