Undergraduate Research

Special Problems / Independent Research

The possibility of taking Special Problems/Independent Research exists only if the student is not on academic probation.

To apply for special problems/independent research, the student needs to contact a faculty member in the area of interest to the student. The interests of our faculty members can be found HERE. Once the student has a viable project after consulting a faculty member, a page or so description of the project along with its technical title needs to be submitted electronically to the undergraduate director. An application form for special problems can be found at the ECE website at:


The completed form must be signed by the advisor (the professor with whom research work is conducted) and submitted to the undergraduate director. Alternatively, the professor can send the undergraduate director an e-mail instead of signing the application form, stating explicitly that he/she agrees to advise the student. Once this is done, a Special Permission number to register for special problems/independent research will be issued by the undergraduate director. 

At the end of independent research, the student will write a technical report and submit to the undergraduate director as well as to the research advisor. The research advisor is responsible for assigning a grade for completed work.

A maximum of up to 6 credits (a maximum of 3 credits per semester) of independent research credits are applied towards graduation requirements as departmental or technical electives. Those students who are following the James J. Slade Scholars Program can acquire up to 12 credits of independent research credits, 6 credits of which must be on the same topic. 

For further details about Special Problems or Independent Research, please contact the Undergraduate Director at <eceundergraddirector@soe.rutgers.edu>