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Professor Shantenu Jha has been invited to The White House on July 29 to attend a workshop being held on the one year anniversary of the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NCSI). At this event organized by the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Professor Jha and fellow invitees will discuss high-performance computing and its role in advancing U.S. economic...

Professor Shantenu Jha has been named a recipient of 2016 Rutgers Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research. The award carries an honorarium in the amount of $1000 and will be presented to Shantenu and fellow honorees at the awards reception in October.

Professor Shantenu Jha, an Associate Professor in ECE conducts research at the...


Szu-Ying Wang, an ECE PhD student working with Prof. Yicheng Lu, has been selected as the 2016 recipient of the Paul Panayotatos Endowed Scholarship.

Szu-Ying will receive $5,000 in support of her project entitled "Fully-Transparent MgZnO High Voltage Thin Film Transistors on Glass for Inverters in Building Integrated Photovoltaics''.

By using magnesium-doped zinc oxide (MZO) as the channel material of a thin-film transistor, the transistor...


Tong Wu, who is a fourth-year PhD student in the Department of ECE and is being supervised by Prof. Waheed Bajwa, has won the Best Student Paper Award at the 12th IEEE Image Video and Multidimensional Signal Processing (IVMSP) Workshop for his paper entitled "Clustering-aware structure-constrained low-rank representation model for learning human action attributes."

This work, which is a collaboration between Rutgers and Drs. Raghuveer Rao and...

Two Rutgers ECE faculty members, Waheed Bajwa and Wade Trappe, recently wrote blogs for the new IEEE Signal Processing Society’s web page. The blogs, “Modern Communications: Signal Processing’s Vital Role in Connecting Communities” and “Data Treasure Hunters: Science Expanding to New Frontiers” both outline the important role that signal processing plays in our digital life...


Professor Waheed Bajwa has been voted the Professor of the Year for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department ! The Engineering Governing Council (EGC) has voted for Prof. Bajwa to receive this year's Professor of the Year Award for Electrical and Computer Engineering for his outstanding teaching and dedication to excellence in education.

The award will be presented to Prof. Bajwa at the EGC's Leadership Conference Reception on Sunday, April 24th 12-3 PM.

Prof. Vishal Patel's recent work on mobile face detection and recognition is making the news! His research work was featured on ZDNet, the business technology news website owned by CBS Interactive. The URL to the ZDNet article is:



ECE PhD student Parneet Kaur has been selected for the prestigious Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship.

Parneet's PhD research advised by Prof. Kristin Dana is based on computational skin texture models with applications in quantitative dermatology and telemedicine.

She is developing advanced method of handling multiview high dimensional data by using computational appearance to supervise clustering of the bacteria genetic signature.

A list of past winners over the...


We are pleased to announce that ECE Assistant Professor Vishal Patel is recipient of the 2016 Young Investigator Program (YIP) Award.

The goal of Dr. Patel’s project is to develop robust and efficient methods for learning structured representations of multimodal data. In particular, he will develop methods for multimodal metric learning and multimodal data fusion based on sparse and low-rank representations.

The Office of Naval Research awarded the ONR YIP to 47 scientists...